Daniel is born

Chloe now has a little brother. Born 11 May 2007, 10:28am weighing 3.08kg. Rosalie and Daniel are both doing great. No-one’s asked but yes I’m fine too, it wasn’t all that difficult really.

Ok, here’s the long version for those of you who can stomach it: Rosalie told God this morning that she would much rather the baby be born today; indeed, that sometime in the morning would be most convenient. She omitted to tell me she’d done this, so I went to work none the wiser. I managed to get my day’s work done and then at about 8:15am (yes, I didn’t have much work I had to do today, as it happens) she called to say she was feeling funny. I thought that this was something she might mention to the hospital in case it boded more than just oncoming comedienne syndrome, and stated this. She soon after called back and hinted that of all the possible courses of action I might take, taking a premature leave of absence might be one of the best ones (in fact, she said, “COME HOME NOW”, in capitals, which is not as easy as it sounds). So I jumped out of the 9th storey window, meanwhile shouting back to my supervisor last-minute instructions for the implementation of the multi-million-dollar database I’d just completed nine months of work on, landed on a soft footpath and jumped through the window of a passing taxi, which had just ejected his last passenger 1.5 hundredths of a second previously. He asked me “where to”, kind of automatically, but by the look on my face he intuited my destination, and managed with minimal coaching to transport me home to my patiently waiting wife. After that it was pretty much plain sailing (the hospital was on the other side of the river, you see), and a little over two hours later Daniel was born.

I hope that was detailed enough. There was a moral to the story somewhere in there but I forget. Probably for the better.

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About Jeffrey Kemp

I’m a Christian, a husband, a father of three, a database programmer and a pianist. I enjoy programming, playing with technology, losing wrestling matches with my kiddies, and long drives to visit the farmers-in-law. My favourite edible substance is Iced Coffee. I also blog about Oracle-related topics at jeffkemponoracle.com.
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