You Call Me, Vodafone

This stern warning from Vodafone, which happens to be my bottom-dollar mobile phone service provider currently, led me to

I have to agree with that it’s petty and not-nice of Vodafone to not only ignore requests from their customers who don’t want to listen to their on-hold music; but also to specifically warn against the service.

When I saw the warning I thought it was some kind of scam, but after reading about it, I want it! The service looks fairly new and is currently available to customers of iiNet, Medicare and a number of banks.

(The reason I was looking through Vodafone’s help pages is I can’t get to my account because is not responding at the moment; but I can’t be bothered ringing up their customer service line and waiting in a queue for half an hour to tell them about it. I’d rather just wait a few days hoping someone else reports the problem.)

Come on Vodafone, where’s your customer service?

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I’m a Christian, a husband, a father of three, a database programmer and a pianist. I enjoy programming, playing with technology, losing wrestling matches with my kiddies, and long drives to visit the farmers-in-law. My favourite edible substance is Iced Coffee. I also blog about Oracle-related topics at
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