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Fifty Things To Do Before You’re 12

I was inspired after reading the following list from Nature Play & National Trust WA in the Weekend West: Climb a tree Sleep under the stars Fall off a bike Learn to swim Build a cubby or tree house Find … Continue reading

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Encouraging Kids Conflict

Parenting Tip: from time to time, allow your kids to argue – and don’t step in to resolve the conflict. Instead, teach them how to resolve the conflict themselves. Today the kids wanted to watch a DVD. Problem was, they … Continue reading

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Who is in control?

Recently, a mother of teenagers asked me about locking down the internet. She wanted to be sure that her kids weren’t accessing the internet at all while she was not at home or during the night; she wanted to be … Continue reading

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Not exactly an earth-shattering coincidence, but…

I just realised it will be our 9th wedding anniversary on the 9th day of the 9th month in 2009. I’m guessing 9 red roses will be in order, as well as 9 gifts, and a 9-course meal…

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Daniel is born

Chloe now has a little brother. Born 11 May 2007, 10:28am weighing 3.08kg. Rosalie and Daniel are both doing great. No-one’s asked but yes I’m fine too, it wasn’t all that difficult really. Ok, here’s the long version for those … Continue reading

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