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Fifty Things To Do Before You’re 12

I was inspired after reading the following list from Nature Play & National Trust WA in the Weekend West: Climb a tree Sleep under the stars Fall off a bike Learn to swim Build a cubby or tree house Find … Continue reading

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In the long run

Something that has been on my mind off-and-on over the last few months has been, “where has all the time gone?” I look back over the past decade or two and remember where I thought I’d be by now, and … Continue reading

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Mark Twain time-travels 100 years into the future

In the last years of his life, Mark Twain wrote his autobiography, and left notes requiring that they not be published until 100 years after his death (although it seems parts were published as early as 1924). Since he died … Continue reading

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Life, the Universe and Everything? Biology has the answer – or does it?

According to this book review by New Scientist of The Brain and the Meaning of Life (Paul Thagard): For instance, animals that lack social bonds are unhealthier than those who enjoy close relationships, so pursuing goals in love makes life meaningful … Continue reading

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The True Expert Sees All, Knows All

Doctor: “How can I help you?” Patient: “I felt unwell.” Doctor: “When was that?” Patient: “I don’t know – sometime last week maybe?” Doctor: “Ok. What symptoms did you experience?” Patient: “Sorry, I forgot. Come to think of it, I … Continue reading

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